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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 19, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> "with all due respect" to uber, the dirt is buried so deep you will never get it out. we have an exclusive screening tonight. we have rahm emanuel's version of once upon a time in mexico. first and is about president obama's executive order on immigration.
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he will have a press conference of the white house to announce it. mark, what do you think president obama needs to do in the next 48 hours to sell his plan? >> the white house is quietly planning a rollout. i will be continued to be surprised if they have not reached out to business groups. amongst coalition of democrats and interest groups focused on immigration, the president has a plan. it's better to be strong and wrong but right and weak. he does not have the whole argument but as we've seen republicans are divided. >> we've talked about this in hearing from democrats about how this to be a bad idea of backing down from doing it. this is election day came, the president and his team have been
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clear they want to do it. the strength of it, the fact that they are so determined to do it regardless of what john boehner and mcconnell says gives them the upper hand. >> republican division gives them an upper hand and i know republicans don't believe it but i guarantee you the legal mind of our president went through the options. they are not extending benefits and legal status to everybody that the immigrants rights community would want. he is doing what he thinks is within his powers. again, the republicans are divided. some of them want to go to court. whatever they do some will be unhappy. a large percentage will like this by a lot and that's an advantage. >> if they shut down the government, that will be bad for them. if they try to impeach, that will be bad. anything goes to court him and he still wins with hispanic voters and that's a good going
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into 2016. >> in american politics, it's better to be optimistic than pessimistic. he announced on facebook today that they will be optimistic american values, patriotic and uplifting and republicans are going to be the loudest voices. >> not about making this a bigger country in a more prosperous country, large and inc. -- large for the american dream. next year, there will be 31 republican governors and now they are partying at a seaside resort. they're trying to jockey for position in the nominating contest in the best way for them to do that is to talk about yourself as if you are applying for a job. her example, here is wisconsin governor scott walker. -- here's an example. >> i was the number one target in america in 2014.
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all of the unions made me their target. the president, clinton, all these other surrogates came in. it hasn't been a republican for president since i was in high school. >> you can see the question here is among all other potential republican 2016 gather in a boca raton. who's the biggest to reemerge? i think it's john kasich. he won by 31 points. scott walker has won by a narrow margin. john kasich is convincing in another way. >> i do think is a big one. i will be there tomorrow but there are a few public meetings in tons of private meetings with
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donors. a republican donor community is looking for a candidate. jeb bush is not there. this is chris christie's opportunity to consolidate with those people through presentation, face-to-face contact, all the stuff he did running the rga for this cycle. it's big for him to leave. the other person is mike pence. i'm hearing more and more wondering if pants will maybe be the alternative. if romney is not real, if case it turns out to be not what they want, is mike pence something they would look at? they have a lot on the line and kristi can lead to substantially stronger if he does this right. >> bobby jindal in louisiana is someone we both think is a really smart guy. he's nowhere right now in terms of how republicans are looking at this race. he's obviously going to run but he's making no impression whatsoever. he could be heading for quite an embarrassing showing. >> he has the opportunity for a
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second act. is a better performer than people remember. i think you need some dynamic moments of truth and humanity and he could get in this. right now, he's not considered someone donors are talking about. >> a sideshow at the rga is a crop of fresh new faces, newly elected governors, seven from blue states such as massachusetts and maryland. what do you think among those freshmen just coming in showing themselves to the national audience, who do you think is the brightest neustar among the gubernatorial freshmen -- new start? >> the guy elected in illinois. he is friends with rahm emanuel. both of them played down their friendship. rahm emanuel is playing it down now because he's got to win every election with democrats
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february. those two can team up. springfield is a mess. as lots of economic problems. if they team up, they could be a bipartisan team bringing the state back buying for a comeback with a little bit better management than they've had in springfield and chicago. >> he is someone to watch for sure. charlie baker in massachusetts is someone to keep an eye on some of the boston globe endorsed. he understand how government works. he had time in the private sector in health care industry where he did the big turnaround with health care. he has business experience. he understands innovation and he is running and away that is a republican reformer. believing in government focusing on how to make it work better rather than just trying to tear it apart. >> here is baker's challenge.
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he still has to deal with romney-care and obamacare. it would like to him as someone to talk about health care, but what does he say going forward about the affordable care act? an individual mandate when he is in office? he's a bright guy, a northeastern governor. he will be a player for sure. >> he has a cost-containment issue to deal with that plan in massachusetts. something like universal coverage and a market-friendly way within that state and he gets the costs down, he would be looking awfully like a guy who could pick the lock on health care and i could be huge potential going forward. pop quiz. take a look at the big wall behind me right over here. which of these republicans is not like the other? she's the one in technicolor. those of the 21 republicans the
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house gop selected to lead committees. 20 of them are white guys. the other, candace miller, will chair the house administration committee the thunder mifflin party committee. -- dunder mifflin. it's a shocking picture but it reinforces the problem the republican party has. you look at the exit polls from this election. democrats, for all of the pain they struggled in the strength of the party, they still carried women 51-47. looking at the republican presidential field then there is not a lot of potential president of candidates who is female. the only name that popped up is carly furey enough -- carly fiorina. >> there are some in house committee leadership. we need to look more like
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america. the democrats do not have that perfected by any means but for the republican party going forward i think the presidential level is almost a crisis for them if they don't get a woman in the race. a field of 13 presidential candidates, all white men with one african-american if ben carson runs, there are some hispanic candidates. i do not want to say it's all white men. the lack of diversity there is a potentially huge problem for the time. defining the party going forward especially if they nominate a woman. >> in the midterms, if you have a huge dominant performance among men, you can suffer a small loss among women but if you get to the electing when there are so many more women and younger voters, you cannot allow yourself to have the gender gap at that level. it is downright cold in new york
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city. when we come back, we're going to go to boca. as soon as i find my son tan lotion, we'll be right back. ♪
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>> r bloomberg politics team spent a lot of time in boca raton hopefully doing work talking to a lot of republican governors. one of the hottest topics will be immigration even that everyone will be watching the presidents speech in prime time tomorrow night and they were less than happy. >> it would be a profound mistake for the president to use his executive authority to overturn immigration laws without the consent of the governed. >> has not worked to come up with an immigration policy that we can pass. >> he has punted on this issue dealing with congress for six years. apparently with whatever he's going to do tomorrow night, he
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continues to not deal with congress in an effective way. >> margaret joins us from boca raton. it seems as though they are not happy but they are not all gung ho with shutting down the government or doing anything extreme in response the executive order coming tomorrow night. >> it's almost a preemptive push to shut down the discussion of the shutdown. for many of these guys who are interested in running for president you cannot win your party is being branded an obstructionist. they all have slightly different tastes on what they want to do. scott walker wants to take it to court. it's not over till it's over. you see a little fracturing in mid way through the afternoon they all realized they were talking about immigration and said of their issues. >> i set of these meetings with the presidential cycle coming up in you see a lot of competition
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and mid cheeseman. are they competing in talking about immigration to see who can be the most effective critic of the president? >> they're trying to calibrate each of their specialties. the people who were in congress before they were governor talked about how when they were in congress, things they tried to do. rick perry trying to build off of his strengths. they're all trying to stake out what makes them different but i also think they're trying to market because there will be issues down the road. >> there's also an atmospheric thing where one or another governor arrives as kind of belle of the ball wasn't around that person in the arrival. who has the best buzz down there right now? >> it's between walker and chris christie right now. walker is the iron man. he is battle tested and chris
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christie because the victory lap is all his from election night. he's been hanging a little bit out of the spotlight doing more donor things. walker, he is ever present in the hallways and a lot of the crowd is coming up to speak with him. >> give us a sense of the scale there. are there 30 donors, 100 donors? how many people are there besides those being wined and dined, corded in these public meetings? >> there are dozens and dozens of these mixtures of donors. other people are sort of just arriving. as a lot of milling around and a lot of interest from the donor community and trying to get an early sense of the field. >> do you think among those donors there's a lot of people
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like mike pence and others who are sort of suggesting that we should have a governor who is a republican nominee going forward . do you get a sense from donors at the meeting that there is that view or that they are equally open to the notion of one of the senatorial possibilities as a standardbearer for them heading into 2016? >> the donors i spoke to who are here, there is a consensus forming that governors are better poised than senators. one of the donors i spoke to have said when you juxtapose the records of republican governors against the records of senators, it's much harder to make the case about concrete incompetence over the last two years. >> anybody there talking about mitt romney or jeb bush, as the former governor they'd be inclined to support? >> there is a little bit of jeb
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bush chatter simply because immigration will be so pivota l and he will be up in washington tomorrow holding court on education. his absence here is sort of noticed and is being discussed from that sense. i'm not hearing as much romney chatter which is interesting. or maybe a bit of a consensus that it's not real. >> the weather down there is so great. thank you for being on the show. >> thanks for the sun. >> we will be right back with more. ♪
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>> we just heard a bunch of reaction from the gop governors down in florida. they're also reacting to president obama's forthcoming
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action on immigration. mark spoke to one of the most interesting and compelling democrats around how much our friend and former white house chief of staff mark a manual peer -- rahm emanuel. >> he presided over a long council session and he's up for reelection in february so it's a big moment for him. afterwards he had a press conference and most of the questions were about the budget. people think of this as a washington fight and this thing will affect every state, every city. he was asked by one reporter about what he thought about what the president was doing what impact chicago. >> using the power of the executive pen, so to say, and executive action to change the law to allow the immigrants to have been sitting in the shadows to become citizens. after 16 years of debating this through two administrations he's taking action. >> after the preface conference
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-- after the press conference, i sat down with rahm. a former member of congress, a guy who understands confrontational politics and again as a mayor of the city u.s. to deal with it. i asked him about the political terrain going forward with the president. >> what's the best way the president has made this announcement to push this through? >> they have been spending their lives in the shadows. i have a lot of been lessons to be learned from the dreamers. we did not hit all of the lessons. i've been working with congressman gutierrez for the social security and other agencies to make sure the city of chicago is set up so when there are new rules going forward, where are most prepared to help our residents become citizens of the united states. >> you know congressional
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politics right now, what does this do? >> i like to remind everybody under george bush and under barack obama, the united states house of representatives and the senate had 16 years twice the bill has passed the senate and it's not happen in the house. he's worked on this for years. he's worked through this. he's cajoled. i don't think 5 million people can wait much longer. any legislation can supersede this. >> other publicans going to give political options? >> they will complain, and up with a lawsuit, and end up with reality. >> why don't we see business leaders, religious leaders, out there? why not go out there and support the president? >> it's a good question and i
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don't know why. >> rahm is as mystified as we are on the round table in the chamber of commerce. he clearly thinks republicans do not have an obvious play here except her haps t -- perhaps to sue. is going to be complicated for these republican governors if people in their states start to come forward what do they do? no affordable care act and there will still be a lot of interaction with state government for new people coming out of the shadows. >> you remember well back in the early obama administration when he was chief of staff and there were those pushing president obama pretty hard internally to do immigration reform, he pushed hard back. if the politics were wrong was going to hurt a lot of democrats that they were hurt anyway and now it sounds like he would advise the president to do
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exactly what he was doing if he was chief of staff now. >> the republicans do not have a play. he's in a sanctuary city. it's a good reminder in talking to a mayor who happens to be a former chief of staff. the president has some momentum. after publicans shut down the government or the president basically forces them to defund, rahm would not shy away from the discussion. it is clear from rahm emanuel and other democrats that they like the decisiveness of it and that's a big advantage to going 180 miles per hour. >> rahm is often per trade as a
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peer partisan but you can see him with an increase to the jugular coming out here. trick question. how many adult fingers did he extend to you when you were in the meeting? >> several. >> more than one. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> we saw you had a big interview but i heard you had some smaller ones as well. >> a focus group of a budget hearing from the fifth and sixth graders. asked him one word to describe rahm emanuel. >> change. >> extraordinary. >> interesting. >> leader. >> experienced. >> nice. >> helpful. >> those kids are really cute
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but one of those kids are a liar -- called him nice. we are only on the tv 30 minutes a day but we are online 24/7, sayonara. ♪
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> hello. i'm pimm fox and this is what i am "taking stock" of today. uber responding to remarks made by neil michael, a senior company executive trumpeting looking at journalists. referring to lacy who spoke with bloomberg west today. >> i'm preparing for the fact that no actions have been taken and as soon as this dies down they will come at me and


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